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Welcome to my kitchen table! This space is where I weave stories about farm life, motherhood, marriage, and food.

In a tale as old as time, girl meets boy, falls in love, and then moves to a farm in the middle of nowhere. Wait, maybe that’s not how the story goes, but it’s how my story went.

In 2013, I married a fourth-generation farmer/rancher and moved to his family farm. Today, we’re raising three kids—the fifth generation—with my husband’s family. Alongside raising one boy and two girls, we grow wheat, lentils, chickpeas, mustard, hay, barley, and black Angus cattle. (And probably something else I’m forgetting.)

A decade ago, I went from cooking for myself in a basement apartment to living an hour from the nearest grocery store, often feeding more than just my new husband but our employees, too.

Farm-to-table encompasses many aspects of my life. The grain we raise is milled into flour and is served on your kitchen table. The beef we raise will eventually be served in a restaurant or available to buy at your local grocery store. And the food I make, I serve to our employees and our family as we gather around the kitchen table or eat in the field during harvest.

Food brings us all together.

My hope is that my words and stories here serve as an extension of my kitchen table. Maybe this life is one you’re living too, and you understand the loneliness and challenges that come with farming and ranching and motherhood. Or maybe you’re living in the city or the suburbs—this life is foreign to you.

My hope is that we can all gather here, share our stories, and realize how much we all have in common.

So pull up a chair, I’ll go first.

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Wife to a farmer, mama to three, and writer in the middle of nowhere Montana.