I’m terrible at intros, and probably two people will read this, so in a way, this feels like I’m talking to myself. But, here goes.

I’m Stacy. I’m married to Rich, my farmer and we live on our family farm & ranch in Montana. We have three kids: Rhett, Allie, and Nora. I never dreamed of living on a farm, but it’s shaped every part of my life in the last ten years.

In 2020, I started this Substack but never posted anything. In the past few months, it seems every writer I know has started a Substack, which of course, meant I could not post on Substack and do what everyone else was doing! (I’m weird like that.)

But, I finally got over that, and here I am. I want to have fun writing again. So, that’s what I’m going to do here.

Also, like every other writer I know, I struggle with being on social media, particularly Instagram. I still have my website, which I sporadically post on. Maybe Substack will eventually replace Instagram for me. Time will tell.

Things I love, in no particular order: athleisure wear, collecting eggs from the coop, a brand new journal, cake, my family, the smell of fresh laundry, a cup of hot coffee in silence, and a good book.

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Stacy Bronec
Farm wife, mama to three, writer, chicken farmer, and lover of cake.